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This is the Online Classroom for JM Pepper and Kathi Pepper.  We've had our own in-home based business for over 20 years and opened a small, boutique style retail store in 2012.  Many people have asked us how we do this and how we do that.  In order to share our resources, skills, and experience with you we created this classroom.

As we organize, modernize, and stylize our information and tools, please accept some pre-registration gifts!  We expect to have full courses ready by very early spring.  However, there's no need to wait to get started.  Enroll now for free and we'll share course materials with you as we integrate them into our classes.

Who Are These Guys?

James Pepper is a GoDaddy Community founder and Mentor.

JM Pepper (aka Dr. Pepper)

godaddy-community-02-468JM Pepper (aka DrPepper) translated one of his favorite jobs of teaching college into VideoWebSystems, an online resource center for beginning entrepenuers.

Look around and you'll see an incredible world of what used to be high-tech gadgets now serving as every day appliances. VideoWebSystems is on the leading edge of turning these every day gadgets into practical, efficient, easy to use business tools.  That's what our classes are all about!

James Pepper is a GoDaddy Community founder and Mentor.
Kathi Pepper's Sexual Health and Wellness Resources

Kathi Pepper

kathi-2016-profile-web-e1454968709295Kathi Pepper has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. She has conducted over 2500 in-home shows for women in 20 years, and has recently grown by adding a full retail store.

There is no doubt selling our products is fun, but keep in mind it is also a business. Many party systems, of any sort not just our genre', often neglect the actual training to reap the most profit from effectively managing your inventory. To grow your business, you will need to manage selling a higher volume of products and even people selling products for you.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and business resources with you!

Kathi Pepper's Sexual Health and Wellness Resources

Let Us Show You The Quality of Our Videos!

The Information You Need Presented So You Can Understand It

Our training videos are part of the core of how to use your site as a business tool specific to your business needs.  We'll show you how your site is setup to work in today's online world.

Whether you are an independent party provider or a small boutique, you need a solid foundation for your online presence.  We'll help you develop a web property that becomes a business tool.

More than likely you'll want to sell products online. One shopping cart we use is WooCommerce.  Our use for WooCommerce is actually "marketing cart" for independent party consultants.   Its not designed to hold, manage and display thousands of items.  It's made for you to sell the items you know best, and that's the items in your party kit or in your boutique store.  It includes a module to work with a full-blown online warehouse-to-customer shopping venue.

While we are getting our online classrooms ready to launch, open your free account to begin your "orientation" so to speak.

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