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VideoWebSystems and Pepper's Parties provides you with a huge inventory of items for you to build your individual sales and party system or small boutique store. We have standard kits available or you can custom build your own. Here's the key; you need high quality, profitable items that have effective marketing collateral. You can be assured you get that from VideoWebSystems and Pepper's Parties! We offer over 18,000 quality, affordable priced adult-oriented products for you to resell in your private business.

Part of your success, no matter you mode of selling is an effective, manageable online presence.  We install one of three WordPress themes, provide a complete on-line course in how to configure and use your theme, and help you get it customized.  While there are 10's of thousands of beautiful themes available,  none are an asset unless correctly configured to your business.  We want you to have a website with both beauty and brains!

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Key Components

The Pepper's Parties team has conducted in-home shows for women for 19 years and has recently grown by adding a full retail store. Kathi Pepper has conducted over 2500 shows and James Pepper (aka DrPepper) translated one of his favorite jobs of teaching college into VideoWebSystems.com, an online resource center for those selling pleasure products. Our primary supplier has been in business stalwart for 40 years. Not only are there tons of stories to be told in regards to shows (we change the names to protect the guilty!), but a wealth of information is now assembled about the business of conducting parties and growing your business.

Getting materials together for your party system or boutique can be a royal pain. Our team put their heads together and developed a catalog production system that is dynamic, mobile-friendly, brandable, and manageable. We have options for printed catalogs as well. While we emphasize getting e-catalogs delivered, we recognize the headaches of phsyical printing. We'll show you how to keep expenses down, but paper in your customers' hands.

In addition to e-catalogs, Pepper's Parties expert team constructed high-quality, information filled party presentations designed to work on almost any tablet or laptop. Newer smartphones and iPhones can also display the presentation. Look around an you'll see an incredible world of what used to be high-tech gadgets now serving as every day appliances. Pepper's Parties is on the leading edge of turning these every day gadgets into practical, efficient, easy to use business tools.

There is no doubt selling our products is fun, but keep in mind it is also a business. Many party systems, of any sort not just our genre', often neglect the actual training to reap the most profit from effectively managing your inventory. To grow your business, you will need to manage selling a higher volume of products and even people selling products for you.

Pepper's Parties has relied on an inventory system called Atrex for 18 years. It offers the perfect pathway for beginning with a small footprint offering, to supplying several distributors, to then opening a full retail outlet.

One outstanding feature of the party module is that it creates almost all of the "paper work" for you as it goes. The benefit is that at the end of a party an order is already created and filed. If its time to re-order, its done in a few clicks. In other words, we've taken the headache out of the ordering and paper work. By the way, the system will also keep up with all of your backorders as well!

As you build your business, you want to be able to provide your local online customers with an shopping experience that is a direct extension of your business. For example, many of your regular customer want to shop online and then just "come by and pick it up." Our system makes that happen for you and the best feature is that you get the benefit of a face-to-face customer interaction, e.g. an opportunity for even more sales.

We'll install it and get your items loaded and ready to display. Your task - Engage in our training to learn how to use your online presence. Unlike many other web site developers, we've focused entirely on developing carts and websites that work with party systems and small boutiques. Once again, our experience is your asset!

James Pepper is a GoDaddy Community founder and Artisan.
      • You'll smile with the full range of high-quality, profitable adult products
      • You'll grin at each prompt delivery of our products
      • You'll marvel at your new turnkey marketing and e-commerce online presence
      • You'll learn with a huge library of training materials
      • We ALL generate profits

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